Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shopping 101 Target

This weekend’s (12-10-11 thru 12-11-11) shopping field trip was Target. I hit 3 counties in one state (Pikesville, Reisterstown, and Mondawmin-Baltimore, MD). Well the search was on. I was blessed to get two $10 gift cards, and wanted to spend my gift cards wisely.  The initial search was on for comfortable footwear which I found absolutely nothing that worked for me. So then I changed my search focus to clothing. After being in my third store (Mondawmin location in Baltimore, MD), and finding no shoes that I liked.  I started finding bargains galore! Five 30% off racks, sweat pants $5, and other treasures. Being the bargain hunter that I am, the first adventure was to go through all the 30% off racks. Second the 5 shopping carts of merchandise that were scheduled to be put back on the racks. Third it was off to the men’s section, and that is when I found my treasures. Hooded sweatshirt jacket for $9.36 and sweatshirt pants for $5.00. Well I had enough remaining to treat myself to some sweets, and a bag of popcorn. The left over funds for munchies is insightful information for the budget conscience.

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