Saturday, December 10, 2011

Grocery Shopping 101 Wegmans Style

Living on a shoestring budget can be both stressful and exhilarating. Today’s challenge for survival was to have something to eat for dinner with very little money left over. So my survival tactics kicked in. I kept saying to God, “What am I going to have to eat?” So I walked around Wegmans in the deli, and bakery areas. I thought what will I do? So I decided to go over to the produce section, and noticed a woman with a head of broccoli. I thought "that’s what I’ll do." I’ll do my “piece meal thang” again. That is when I take broken off small pieces of vegetables or fruit that have fallen off or people have broken off and left on the stand. So I went over to the broccoli, and spotted some small single pieces that I could use. I put them together in a bag, went over to the produce scale, and weighed it. It came to a whopping $0.27. I then said to myself “boy it sure would be nice if they had some loose spinach.” Well I went into the corner of the vegetable section, found loose organic baby spinach, and loose organic bulk field mix. Moving quickly I bagged both of them in separate bags. You see finding a good deal and creating one is a rush for me. Back to my story the organic baby spinach totaled $0.36 and the organic field mix totaled $0.24. Then I thought it "sure would be nice to have a banana." I spotted them up front, and separated one from the rest of the bunch. That find came to a whopping $0.18. I then thought "I have a taste for lunch meat." So I grab a ticket and behold I was next. I got  Wegmans 98% fat free Turkey for $0.97 and two slices of American cheese (Yellow) for $0.30. Bringing my total purchases to a whopping $2.32. Now the bread for my two mini sandwiches I already had, and Wegmans has the little condiments in the plastic utensils section. The sandwiches were delicious.

Oh I forgot to inform you that I labeled all of my produce because Wegmans has little produce scales positioned all through out the produce section with printable price labels. What you do is get the item number off of the signs on the front of the vegetables, and fruit, key the item number in on the scale and press the print button. Now you have the finished product. Next step, check out!

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