Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Friday, January 10, 2014


Dear Friend, FIRRN (Female Information Referral Resource Network) has been in operation for two years, and has operated virtually, on a shoestring budget. FIRRN's main purpose and goal is to assist women between the ages of 21-65 who are self-employed/employed and have become displaced. These women either have grown children, or no children at all. In addition these women have had their own businesses and some were employed in management level positions. The goal of FIRRN is to provide information, emergency/temporary housing, meals, resources, and an office center. As with time comes growth, and FIRRN now has the opportunity to go to the next level in getting our papers of incorporation, and the foundation laid for the purchase of our first building. FIRRN has been a help to many women in the past year. In fact as of recent FIRRN is helping a woman in her 50's learn how to use a computer so that she can become marketable in the area of employment. Not everyone has the resources or capabilities as others do. A person may say "she can go to the Free Library". Everyone does not learn best in a group setting. There are people who learn best with individual instruction. In addition not everyone can afford a tutor. Nor meet the limited time frame a tutor has. For whatever the case people are still falling through the cracks. The president can't do it all; he is only human. This is where FIRRN comes in to do our part. We are asking for your financial support in the way of a donation of $5 and greater. Your donation will help lay the foundation for the necessary paperwork and licenses to get FIRRN started as an official organization. Also, as a thank you gift for anyone making a donation over $10 will be sent a digital copy of the Online Scam Survival Guide via email. In addition any donations of $50 or more will be sent the following digital copies: • Make More Money With oDesk • eBook Formats Explained • Viral-eBook-Guide • 101 Sites For Writers • Craigslist Profits Unleashed via email. In conclusion FIRRN would appreciate your support by sharing our message with others. Sincerely, Arlene Whiting CEO